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Are we seriously having this discussion? Atkin’s “Legitimate Rape” comments are begging to be touched!! This is what we’ve come to. There are some people who really believe that taking the very essence of a women against her will can at any point be legit? There’s no argument to be made,it’s never ok. Tell the 12 year old little girl who has to go thru twenty 50 year old men a week to pay for her rent and food that she can “shut that whole thing down” because it’s really not happening. Or maybe you can explain to your teenage daughter that just entered her freshman year at college that because some jerk slipped a date rape drug into her drink and she drank it that it’s half her fault. Rape is rape. Yes,Akin I will agree with you there is a moment of shutting down when being raped,it’s called Defense mechanism, a coping device the brain is triggered to engage when it’s need to survive is in a choke hold and can no longer fight. Your body becomes a shell that you crawl deep into and close your eyes praying that at the very least you come out ALIVE!! How dare anyone make an ignorant comment like this and never see the inside of a jail cell. The prison rape victims live in day after day is very LEGITIMATE,Atkin,VERY legitimate.

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