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One of the worst thing a parent can do is compare themselves to another parent, especially a celebrity parent. We see it more than ever now, celebrities toting their children—some biological, some adopted—as their latest accessory. It can be very easy for us ‘everyday’ parents to find ourselves wondering  just how they manage to have the glamorous lifestyle and still have the kids in bed by nine.

blogs.babble.com/famecrawler/tag/angelina-jolie-brad-pitt-and-kids/Let’s stop fooling ourselves. Many of these parents have way more help then we do. It’s unfair to compare ourselves with the rich and famous. They have round-the-clocknannies and the best that money can buy. Surely the pictures we see of them at the park strolling hand-in-hand with their well-behaved children are a far cry from the pictures we never see of them: frustrated, tearing their hair out with up-all-night babies and crazed teenagers. Even still, if we’re not peering into the lives of the onscreen June Cleavers we still may find ourselves a little curious as to how other parents handle the odds-and-ends of parenthood.

The truth:  It’s such a waste of time and effort to constantly try and follow the latest parenting trends. What works for one family doesn’t always work for another. Each family is different. Each child is different, and each parent—mom or dad—has a different idea of what’s best for their child. I remember feeling a little uncomfortable when other parents would talk about the awards their child was receiving at school when my child was struggling. I felt the heartache and self doubt when my methods of parenting wasn’t giving the results I was hoping for. I felt that pain. I felt as if I had let my child down and myself down. So I stopped and “got back to scratch” (i.e., made a fresh start). I developed these simple rules for “Getting Back to Scratch:”

  • Trust – Self doubt is a parent’s worst enemy. You have to trust in yourself and keep in mind you will make mistakes.
  • Keep an open mind – Holding on to generational parenting ideas can sometimes hinder a parent. Instilling culture is a must but it’s okay to accept some of today’s new modern approaches.
  • Forgive – When I say forgive I’m talking about forgiving YOURSELF. It’s easy to become overcritical of ourselves especially if we’re too busy comparing.
  • Stick to what works – Like I mentioned before, doing what works for your family is the essence ofgood parenting. Maybe you do homework right after school, maybe you do homework after everyone’s had dinner and settled down. Either way is right as long as it works for you.
  • Share – Don’t be a hero. Share the responsibility of parenting with trusted family or even friends. When you need a break, ask for one. Create a blog or web page where you can share ideas with other parents around the world, explore your similarities and just vent if you have to.
  • Divide and Conquer – If the problem is the kids won’t listen, the rooms aren’t getting clean, homework’s not getting done, etc., pick one thing and focus on that first. Then move on to the next issue.

There’s nothing glamorous about being up all night changing diapers and telling a teen twenty times to clean their room. But there is something to be said about a parent who listens to his/her family’s needs and creates a custom template for raising her/his child. In fact, it makes for a fabulous parent!

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Many people have dreams,but some rarely live them. Instead they talk about them,pray about them,make wishes about them never ever achieving them. If you want your dreams to come true the truth is you have to work for them. Like a normal job you have to put in the blood, sweat and tears for them. If you actively pursue your dreams 8 hours a day like your clocking into work and devote your energy and thoughts into them they have no choice but to come true. The problem is for many that’s just not possible. Life has got in the way. Life has become so hard and so demanding that its a struggle to live our dreams. That’s why when we see people living their dreams we become frustrated and angry. We personalize others peoples acheivements because we know how passionate we are about out our own.We call people who pursue their goals “selfish”. But really are we not selfish in NOT pursuing our goals. If we have a gift or a passion to share with the world is it not our obligation to focus on enriching the lives of others with the gift that has be given to us  from birth? Pursuing anything but your talents and diffusing the flame that burns inside ones soul is death. Every day we wake to the same thirst. The desire to be happy and free. Lifes pursuit. Yet everyday we find a reason not to. Responsibilities,kids,careers,disabilities that we use against ourselves instead of for ourselves. Dreams are like the solid non moving ground we all long to stand on while spinning out of control on the merry-go-round of life. We see it,but we are to afraid to jump. To afraid to stop and get off. Instead we crawl closer to the middle and close our eyes praying and hoping someone will save us. Until we demand from ourselves,train our minds to follow our instructions and lead our lives purposefully we will find ourselves old and Grey regretting we didn’t try harder. Quit running the rat race and start knocking down walls. Become obsessed with living out your dreams today and stop putting them off for when you have more time,more money or less responsibility. Your life is the reflection of how much work you put into it. Start putting into life what you want to see come out of it.Start now.

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God bless Chucky Cheess.



                                                              Boy is it hott!!

Now thats its getting much hotter outside, Ace and I have been looking for the cool spots to hang out at. With his limited attention spam I had to think of something quick before this hot day turned into a hot mess!!

The pool was packed and my funds were low,with a little over a quarter tank of gas,I buckled him in, filled up the sippy cup and headed to good ol’ Chucky Cheese. Ah! Air conditioning was what I first thought. The drive with the windows down gave us plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the music and sing our ABC’S.( A million times!)

“Its always free..!” I never knew it said that on the door when you walk in?? Apparently beside the food,tokens and rides everything else is free!! Your completely free to let your child run around with the other kids,crawl thru the tunnels,watch Chucky live in concert and chill in the A/C.

Thats sounded good enough for me. So Ace and I each got a slice of pizza,shared a drink and spent a cool ten dollars on rides and games easily. After cashing in our 200 or so tickets for a flashy pair of Red star glasses, Ace and I head back home with half the day down and looking forward to a good nights rest.

God Bless Chucky Cheese!

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