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Never has this been truer than today. Literally. As another Monday approached I spent my morning doing what I normally do: Walking the dog,making breakfast and taking my son to school. But it was on the way home from dropping my son off that my “everyday” changed it’s direction. As I was taking my normal route home I had recalled an ad I had seen on-line for position available at a local company. It sparked my interest because it was in the mental health field,that of which I have a strong background. But what was peculiar about this position was that the company was only accepting offers through personally delivered resumes,nothing online or email. Most any other time I would have thought it too much work and too out of my way but on this morning I couldn’t get it out of my head. Two stops from my home while sitting at the light a debate began in my mind,”Turn left to visit the company and drop off a resume or go straight and leave it for someone else to contend with.” Back and forth,back and forth. My eyes watching the light to change,thinking Left or straight? Left or straight? To heck with it,I turned left. Thinking to myself well you’ve made your decision might as well go all in,I stopped in,grabbed my resumes out of the car and waited along with some other job seekers patiently for my turn. While I was waiting an older women caught my eye. She was maybe late 40’s,black long hair pulled back,regularly dressed,jeans and a sweater,nothing fancy just a simple older woman who put off an aura that maybe she was new to the area. I must have observed her so much that she spoke to me. “Hables espanol?” she quietly asked. Do I speak Spanish? Being of Mexican heritage it’s certainly not the first time I’ve been asked and I replied with my normal ” Poquito,no mas.”-” A little.” Instantly she smiled and I noticed what a beautiful smile she had,such a kind face. One that I couldn’t possibly turn away from no matter how poor my Spanish-speaking skills were. In our language she began to unravel to me a story of how she had come from the neighboring state and had heard of “Trabajos-jobs” here in Michigan and since she had just gotten her High school diploma,she wanted to take her chances. She asked me about “Emails” and “Resumes?” things she seemed to be a little unfamiliar with. She began to tell me that she had been living in a migrant camp picking tomatoes but now of course that the seasons were changing she was looking for a factory job to help support her family. “I want to work!” she insisted. “I don’t want the unemployment,I rather work.” It was as if, had I of walked away from her, she wanted me to know that one thing about her. I asked her how long she had waited for someone to help her and she relayed she had been there since it opened but no one had said anything to her. She said she just wanted to know how she could get an email and make a résumé,since now she was a graduate. I made a couple of phone calls to some of my more fluent Spanish-speaking friends that gave her some connections on who to talk to and places she could go that were hiring. I stayed with her,made her an email and built her a strong resume as best I could. After about an hour I left her own her own to work on learning the computer and other things she was eager to know. I walked out,got in my car and left. Not till I got in the car and notice the stack of resumes I had never dropped off. It didn’t matter. As I sat in my car feeling very grateful for the opportunities I have had,I was most grateful for one thing: That I had turned Left. It wasn’t for me but was for someone else who needed me to come her way today.

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Today a fellow blogger nominated me for A Lovely Blog Award.
It is my first nomination. I am so grateful for being able to express myself without judgement but instead a beautiful recognition. This is definitly a place a writer,blogger, a simple dreamer can call “home.” A safe haven.
so according to the rules:

I am recognizing The Scales of Time contributor:


for  recommending me for this nomination.and write/share 7 random things about myself, according to the rules and to nominate 15 other bloggers.

1.  I am a Michigan native,mother to 4 sons.

2.  I am a humanitarian and dream of owning a Log Home.

3.  Sometimes I am to hard on myself,and find forgiving myself even more difficult.

4.  I believe that Life will always find it’s way.

5.  I want to be a better parent,daughter,sister,friend.

6.  I gave up a high paying career to pursue my passion: Writing.

7.  I understand that peace,joy and happiness can only come from within me and I am a work in progress.

I am happy to nominate the following amazing Bloggers:






10. thetawny.wordpress.com
12. doakonsult.wordpress.com
Thank you again and congratulations to all the nominees.

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Choices (Photo credit: WordShore)

As always with the rainbow,comes the rain.

Much of us spend our lives pursuing the happier times. Thinking that one day they will be a constant,that they will last forever. After all the suffering. After all the hard work. Somehow the “great reward” of life will land in our laps like a present on Christmas day,that we need only to unwrap and enjoy.

Day after day while doing much of the same thing,thinking the same thoughts as we did the day before,we hold on to a hope that tomorrow will be the day it will all come together. We put it in our minds thatthe more we suffer the bigger our reward will be.

But what happens when you find you’ve lived half your life suffering and face that you haven’t spent any time fighting back? You’ve given and you’ve given and you’ve now nothing left. You’ve come to a cross roads where you think maybe ,just maybe, for once I’ll take a chance and go out and get what I want. Do what makes me happy. With half my life over I want to try to see if there’s more out there. If theres still a life left for me.

This isn’t a story with a solution. This isn’t a story wrapped up with a philosophical quote at the end. It’s not the article you were expecting with an answer that might help you help decide what to do next. It’s not a Black and White story but a Grey one.

It’s time for you do to the work. It’s the piece that puts you in the driver’s seat. The pen in your hand. I know the difficult questions to ask but sometimes you have to ask your own questions. I know what holds me back. It’s not the same as yours. It’s an open ended revolution into exploring your own weaknesses.

It’s the honesty. You can read book after book,blog after blog searching for the one that fits. You can turn and twist your life to closely match this writers experience hoping that my solutions will fit you like a glove. But it’s a borrowed song. No greater than the one you’ve written for yourself.

Understanding that it is difficult to hold on when the trenches of life are deeper and darker than the well-lit roads we would rather travel on are there for us because we need them is asking a lot,I know. And I get that we need one another to inspire and give us hope. But there are times when we need to lay low and let the ugliness in life show. It’s there because we can’t go through life with everything always flowing so perfectly. It’s there to tell us that it’s time to take inventory of what we have. Prepare for what’s to come. Refine our abilities and explore hidden talents and shed our old garments of reality and try on a new fabric of life.

One size does not fit all.

Explore the comfort of a custom life. What works well for you while I find what works well for me. It’s that Gray between that Black and White. It’s that way that for you might not work but for me is just right.

It’s that rain that I hate to the rainbow that you like.

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English: Gate in Hedgerow near Page Fold Curio...

English: Gate in Hedgerow near Page Fold Curious metal gate set into a hedgerow field boundary, which appears to show no purpose in life. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the hardest things for us to stop and realize while accomplishing our goals is the fact that our biggest obstacle is ourselves. Without trusting ourselves,our intuition,our purpose,we leave room for doubt-a huge enemy in the world of success.

How easy it would be if we could see the future. If we already knew ahead of time that our sacrifices would add up to everything we ever dreamed of, Would we not sacrifice even harder? Even more? The problem is we don’t know what will happen. And because we don’t know what will happen, it paralyzes us.

For many,this is where it all stops. The desire is there. The romance is there. But as soon as doubt comes knocking the honeymoon is over. The inability to believe in ones own greatness catapulted with the pressure to preserve the Ego is a deadly combination. Like a runner in a race who keeps looking back,eventually you’ll get passed. And soon, you’re off track.

“Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.”- Epictetus

Each of us has our own purpose in life. It is not up to anyone else to fulfill it but ourselves. Be aware that while you are debating whether or not to follow your dreams,someone else is hoping you’ll give up. While you are resting on the idea that you just don’t have what it takes to make life happen for yourself,someone else is agreeing with you. No one can rescue you from the dark when it comes from within.


  • Create a support system. Support systems are best when they are made with the intention of being successful. Many rely on feedback from friends and family instead of those that have accomplished similar goals.The difference being, sometimes tough love is what you need instead of a shoulder to cry on.
  • Question your intentions. Why do you want what you want? What is the final endeavour? Are you pushing yourself and sacrificing just to prove a point? What’s the underlying cause of your pursuit? Making perfectly clear what your intentions are before giving of yourself wholly can save you years of anguish. Think about it.
  • Be ready to invest. Any successful person will tell you that they ultimately love what they do. Others will not do the work for you. Investing your time and energy will build your confidence,leaving less room for doubt and more space for commitment.
  • Take your time. Early I discussed how road bumps can cause some to stop dead in their tracks. When this happens see it as sign that you are paving new way. Accept that you may need to stop,rethink,improvise and then move forward. Quality takes patience.

They say “Good things come to those who wait.” But don’t wait to long.

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Let’s stop and think about what some of the greatest influences in our lives are. For many the greatest influence is Family. Also environment,economics,culture and religion take an active role in molding our lives. All of which we have varying amount of control over. Fortunately there is one influence that we have that can be determined by us-Experience. How we experience,what we experience and the way we look at our experiences can give us enormous advantage in creating our lives.

Say that you’re a single parent. Single by choice,divorce,widowed whichever fits your situation. The experience of being a parent raising a child or children on your own can as many know,be a tremendous struggle. I won’t waste your time pounding the pavement describing the difficulties of solo child rearing but I will say that it is not for the faint of heart. With this experience you will however be influenced in many of the decisions you will make about your life. What career path to take can be based on your need for child care. Your social circle can be predisposed towards others who you share the same parenting style. Many aspects of your experience as a parent and how you view your experience as a parent can seduce the choices you make.

For another example: Relationships.
If your experience with relationships have always proven bad results,you will easily be persuaded to be cautious and judgemental towards future relationships. But if you view your experience in relationships to be rewarding than you will always seek to find that conformation and lean towards the same type of fulfilling relationships when engaging with others. It just makes sense.

But what if you have limited experience? What if you have skipped along through life aimless and naïve to what goes on around you, what is happening to you and realized that you haven’t put much thought into how things affect you or others? Then you wake up one day with a huge life hangover? Somewhere your inexperience has caused you to land in a pile of “What the heck just happened?”

Life lesson #113 You are Not the wheel, but the spoke.
Throughout our lives we set ourselves up to believe that we are the result of everything that we have no control over-The wheel being turned by the peddler on the bicycle of life. The truth of the matter is that we are The Spoke. We are one of many straight rods  emanating from a center. Through each experience we have , be it small puddles of mud on rainy days or huge mountain terrains of the arid desert,we hold the tensions of our lives and carry the weight of our experiences no matter how big or small. We deliberately try and duplicate favorable results by constantly reflecting on our experiences.

And the like the spokes of the wheel,the experiences of all those around us.

Absorbing the friction in your life by accepting that if you have little experience you can learn from others, if you have much experience you can give to others. We can take what happens, we can examine our involvement to what happens and have a better understanding of how it influences our lives.
Have you judged someone on how they handled a situation that you yourself have never experienced and could not relate to? Did you speak harsh words about a persons circumstances without understanding their relationship to the cause? Substituting others experiences for your own is an amazing learning tool. Humbling ourselves to others decision making and observing their end result without allowing our Ego to convince us that we can do a better job can help us choose a better course of action based on someone elses experiences.We can together,make the wheel go ’round.

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Are we seriously having this discussion? Atkin’s “Legitimate Rape” comments are begging to be touched!! This is what we’ve come to. There are some people who really believe that taking the very essence of a women against her will can at any point be legit? There’s no argument to be made,it’s never ok. Tell the 12 year old little girl who has to go thru twenty 50 year old men a week to pay for her rent and food that she can “shut that whole thing down” because it’s really not happening. Or maybe you can explain to your teenage daughter that just entered her freshman year at college that because some jerk slipped a date rape drug into her drink and she drank it that it’s half her fault. Rape is rape. Yes,Akin I will agree with you there is a moment of shutting down when being raped,it’s called Defense mechanism, a coping device the brain is triggered to engage when it’s need to survive is in a choke hold and can no longer fight. Your body becomes a shell that you crawl deep into and close your eyes praying that at the very least you come out ALIVE!! How dare anyone make an ignorant comment like this and never see the inside of a jail cell. The prison rape victims live in day after day is very LEGITIMATE,Atkin,VERY legitimate.

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