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When I first posted this someone asked me if someone had died. My response: “Yes,the old me.” Today my divorce was final,and after along slow process I feel exactly how I knew I would feel,”weight-less”
Begining to see things in a new light.
Figuring out that I dont always have to be right.

Allowing others to make mistakes.
While keeping myself straight.

Let them live and I’ll live.
Inheriting an incredible debt.

Its worth it to start fresh.
Take a hit to improve a bit.

Not about to let it consume me.
My time is much better well spent.
And in between the cause and the comotion,Ive gotten one good thing from it…..

I got my name back!
You Rememeber this:
Erica K. Espinoza

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God bless Chucky Cheess.



                                                              Boy is it hott!!

Now thats its getting much hotter outside, Ace and I have been looking for the cool spots to hang out at. With his limited attention spam I had to think of something quick before this hot day turned into a hot mess!!

The pool was packed and my funds were low,with a little over a quarter tank of gas,I buckled him in, filled up the sippy cup and headed to good ol’ Chucky Cheese. Ah! Air conditioning was what I first thought. The drive with the windows down gave us plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the music and sing our ABC’S.( A million times!)

“Its always free..!” I never knew it said that on the door when you walk in?? Apparently beside the food,tokens and rides everything else is free!! Your completely free to let your child run around with the other kids,crawl thru the tunnels,watch Chucky live in concert and chill in the A/C.

Thats sounded good enough for me. So Ace and I each got a slice of pizza,shared a drink and spent a cool ten dollars on rides and games easily. After cashing in our 200 or so tickets for a flashy pair of Red star glasses, Ace and I head back home with half the day down and looking forward to a good nights rest.

God Bless Chucky Cheese!

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