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Finally catching a break from all the rain these last couple days,Ace, Cesilee and I took off to the park,Riverside. I like going down to Riverside mostly so we can walk along the ridge of the river and see the ducks. Ace likes to take his pail and collect rocks while we walk, then when we get close enuff,he’ll throw them in. Today Cesi had fun tossing in baby pinecones.  

The best part by far though is always the sandbox. With plastic pails from Family Dollar we sat in the still damp sand and built a couple old fashion castles,even though it never really got pass the first tower,the kids still refered to them as their “castles”
And everything was going just great till…. 

Ace accidently got sand in Cesilees hair. Boy what a switch,from playing like “besties” to “Watch it,buddy!!” it was on. Just like an old married couple.  

It was time to pack up and head for some Mickey D’s. I knew both had worked up an appetite and they were full of sand and dirt from head to toe,literally.
Like I said I enjoy going to Riverside where its much quieter and kinda laid back for the most part and the kids get to play in the sand and have a chance to see the ducks and play along the river.  

The best things in life are free.

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