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Had a great 7a.m workout.
It feels so good feeling so physically strong.
It makes you feel like you can do almost anything.

During my run,I thought about how one exercises their mind?
To make it “strong.”
So I can believe I can do anything.

Then I looked down at my legs and thought,run.
Run harder.
Run faster.

And I thought about the softness of others.
The weakness in their flesh,
In their heads.

It made me laugh to think of how far I’m getting ahead while they’re still in bed.

All because I push myself.

All because that’s just how deep I feel,thats whats real.
To fight with yourself on the inside to change the way people see you on the outside,
you must surface.
and resurface.
and resurface.

Getting high off the run.

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I was at my sisters one day and she had these huge cardboard boxes at the bottom of her stairs and I always just walked right pass them never really paying them any mind till one day curiosity got the best of me and I asked “hey sis, whats in those boxes?”  She started telling me how the boxes were full of books, way too many books and she had no place to put them all so they never left the box. So I asked her if I could take some of them home with me, she said sure, at first  I too had the same dilemma  of where and what to do with all the books till one day my youngest son Aiden got into them and I saw how fascinated he was with them, obviously to young to comprehend, I realized that the pictures with all the colors and the familiar faces of Mickey Mouse and Dora was what was captivating him. Right then I decided to incorporate them into my livingroom space. Not a big space, but just a small space where he could easily reach them and yet they were still outta of the way.

Being that my house is what I like to call “HQ-head quarters” to so many neighborhood kids and playmates I noticed how much the kids were drawn to the books when they first came over so then I had this idea, I would let the kids each upon leaving take one book with them that they could  read at home and could bring back and exchange for another on their next visit, like a mini library. Even the parents would pick out books,from Runaway Bunny to Charlotte’s Web, Junie B. Jones and Little Golden books, letting the kids pick the ones they want to take was so rewarding and its also nice being that the books are used if I didn’t get them back it was ok. I still had another huge box filled to the top and every so often I’d take the books and switch ’em around so kids could choose from something different over time.

Encouraging reading even at the earliest ages is always a start in the right direction, you can never go wrong, and with mother nature playing tricks on us with the weather its nice to just snuggle up on the couch turn the tv off and let your little one read to you, even if it’s just  for pretend.


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