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ūüôā “Wzzup”


ūüôā “Miss u.”

ūüėČ “Miss u2”

Strictly Text.¬†The newest craze in relationship status. Basing an entire relationship strictly on text. From “Morning sexy” to “Night luv” to including an occasional xoxoxo¬†between, Purely “textual” relationships offer¬†an array of benefits. Without leaving the comfort of your home and completely on your time,you can choose what to show¬†and when and how to show¬†any information you wish someone knows about you before taking things to a physical level. It allows you to see just how willing a person is to get to know you before jumping into life long commitment. Affairs via text¬†are¬†a great way to ask questions you normally wouldn’t ask. Saved text. Ahh! to reread those saucy, sweet late night text in the middle of the day as many times as you want can almost make you feel like you’re doing something wrong.

Maintaining “E-Love¬†is not for the faint of heart. Heaven for bid you send “Sweet Kisses,had a great time” to the wrong recipient. Be ready for sometimes racy photos and down right rated-x text that you instantly¬†erase, maybe just save one. Develope realistic goals and markers for when to take things to another level,dinner and a movie perhaps. Be open and Be honest. Use the advantage of not having to see¬†someones face when you clearly state you wanna wait.

With drawbacks,”nutin’ but txt” liaisons¬†are risky. Remember that anything you¬†send¬† could be used against you some day. Until your in a committed relationship you’re never to sure of who else your partner is texting?

Bottom line: Any relationship you have on the web,in person,or “strictly textual” should never be something that we rush into or play games with,we should always¬† get to know someone,how they feel and what their goals are no matter what level of intimacy we are seeking.


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Everyone around you loves you, and everybody around you¬† always will no matter what you do,no matter what you choose, Because you are you and there’s only one of you.

Take risks.

Speak up.

 Go outside.

 But, do something today that makes life better in your own special way.

Go for the fancy coffee with cool whip,get all dressed up today or wear your favorite hoodie with your favorite scarf.

Feeling like maybe your support system could use a¬†little¬†improvement? Remember it will give you what you put into it. Call up old friends,let bygones¬†be bygones,Read your email and not just skim thru it, go on and forward¬†that “Have a good Monday”,you may not like it but someone else might.

Create your safety net,don’t¬†take¬†“leaps and bounds”¬†when your net has holes in it,either patch’em up or toss ’em out. People believe in you because you believe in you. People want to see you succeed because it encourages their own success.

 Genuine friendship are those that remain.

Remember that there are people out there that have no one to tell them that they love them. There are hard-working men and women out there that only have themselves to thank.

Decide and make choices with a strong support system by being a part of someones support system.

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Resolve or dissolve?

Which is it, that you do?

Do you put forth the effort to resolve relationships or do you quickly dissolve them?

Do you have real,honest,healthy relationships with your family and friends?

None of us do.

Because at some point down the line we each chose an “oh no she didn’t” moment and turned it into a full-blown “straw that¬† broke the camel’s back” mindset..



To bring it back together,to make it work,fix.

¬†Wow, this sounds like a lot of time and effort. Confrontation and fears of making others upset,or being faced with the truths of our relationships, can seem like a high price to pay for someone else’s mistakes. Maybe.

Can you own up to your feelings?

Are you choking on your words because of  their irreversibility?

Confidence is the¬†fearlessness,the courage we have with our true selves. It’s that conversation that we have that we believe in¬†and the ability to admit that we all make mistakes that¬†only makes us stronger.

Choosing to resolve or dissolve happens to us every day. For some it’s a decision that happened in a flash and for others it happen over years. Regardless, it shouldn’t hold you back.

One of life’s standard of measure.

Who’s the bigger person?

Who can carry it through?

Who uses openness to resolve instead of dissolving to save face?

Which do you do?

Where is the disillusion at?

Conquer whatever keeps you from being you only better at it.



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